New Panel Homes Design Gallery

New Panel Homes believes that a building can be both charming and functional.  The models in these galleries are created based on that premise by using our high technology, energy efficient panels created by New Panel Homes.  Both galleries depict homes that utilize the indoor-outdoor living lifestyle with a porch, creating more square footage to the overall foot print of the home. 

New Panel Homes 
Classic Portfolio

  New Panel Homes designed the classic models with a modern-day façade to fit all types of clientele.  The versatility of these “Florida cottages” range from a thoughtful, simplistic floor plan to a large single family home.  All homes are customizable to fit the needs of the client ranging from 460-2,000 square feet. 

Click here to explore the many styles and designs in the New Panel Homes classic portfolio.

New Panel Homes 
Allison Ramsey Catalog

  The Allison Ramsey models have southern appeal throughout each blue print.  The attached fireplace in most models adds to the allure of the beautiful homes.  These designs range from 735 square feet to 2,350 square feet. 

Click here to view the various, Allison Ramsey models, for which plans and energy modeling have been created. 


Custom Designs 

Of course, nearly any building can be constructed using New Panels‘ structural insulated panels. You may have a building design in mind. That’s OK, our design professionals can create a home specifically for you. 

Strength and Efficiency

New Panel Homes is the premier manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panel building kits in the southeast United States. From its founding in 1998 by Brian and Jeanne Bishop, New Panel Homes has created hundreds of hurricane-resistant, easy-to-build, green homes.