Residential Cost Data 2016

How much your New Panel Home is going to cost

Of course, you want to know how much your New Panel Home is going to cost. The answer depends on the details that you include. Our specialty is providing the shell of the building, ensuring you start with an air-tight, highly-insulated, structurally-sound envelope. That is the basic “kit”, comprised of pre-engineered structural insulated panels, manufactured exclusively in our Englewood, Florida factory. An average kit for a residential building costs between $35-45 per square foot.

Our homes, finished to typical standards, cost roughly the same as other building methods. The real savings comes from the energy efficient nature of panelized construction (reduced operating costs), ease of construction and hurricane-resistant strength. Savvy contractors, like our New Panel Associates can effectively reduce building times and costs by following our Builders’ Guidelines.

Proven low-cost construction methods can significantly reduce your building expenses. That is how we keep the price so low on our affordable housing projects.

Whenever you plan a residential building project, you should refer to the R.S Means estimating guide.

Each area of the country has its own inherent cost points.

Use this Location Factor multiplier to calculate your expected costs.

Florida Location Factor multiplier